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Bus Stop Urban Design Bus Stop Urban Design (BSUD) aims to improve the waiting environment of bus stops and their adjacent neighbourhoods through the development and application of 9 design techniques in Metro Vancouver.
Pacific Institute of Climate Solutions Research Summary
planning jobs in BC
BC Urban Planning Jobs Directory This page contains lists of career, jobs, employment pages for various municipalities, regional districts, and agencies in British Columbia. Makes job hunting much easier!
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Community Energy Model 3D models of the Official Community Plan at 50-year build-out help visualize the future of RIchmond's downtown core and predict energy demands. Renewable energy technologies such as district geothermal heating and solar hot water are simulated to determine their feasibility.
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SketchUp Shadow Study Tutorial SketchUp is a powerful and simple program that can be used to analyze shadow impacts, sun exposure and other urban design factors. This tutorial shows you how to cast accurate shadows on to any building on any place on earth. The shadow diagrams can be used for public engagement, information etc. This step by step guide can be followed by users of all levels.
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Bicycle Highway The bicycle highway is a design proposal for a fully equipped, dedicated cycling path that runs along the SkyTrain. Bike infrastructure and associated developments take advantage of existing structures and integrate with neighbouring urban spaces.
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Elements Datebase (elementsdb) elementsdb provides data and examples for urban design. This resource catalogues comparably illustrated and measured examples of urban land uses. Database cases are built from field-measured examples of the land use 'elements' of urban form: parks and open spaces, streets, residential, commercial, civic and industrial parcels and buildings. - elabs


Associate Researcher

ElementsLAB + The Neptis Foundation + CALP
Analyzing and modeling land use choices, transportation infrastructure, energy and climate change strategies for the City of Richmond and City of Surrey.

Planning Research Assistant

City of North Vancouver, Community Development
Reviewing development applications from an urban design standpoint, community engagement at civic events, researching social and economic trends, presentations to the public, designing documents

Interface Designer

UBC Collective Knowledge Network
Designing interface for online database that mapped the informal connections of professors and students at UBC
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  • logoGHG Modelling
  • logoPopulation Projections
  • logoGIS Mapping
  • logoFloor Space Calculation
  • logoCensus Analysis
  • logoNeighbourhood Visualization


  • logoInDesign
  • logoIllustrator
  • logoPhotoshop
  • logoSketchUp
  • logoCityEngine
  • logoAutoCad


  • logoGraphic Facilitation
  • logoMaterial Preparation
  • logoPublic Engagement


  • UBC Environment and Urban Form Award
  • C. K. Choi Scholarship in Engineering
  • Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions Fellow
  • Rotary Club Award for Community Service


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